The novel Coronavirus outbreak has made people around the world re-evaluate their everyday lives. The familiar patterns around our homes, our work, our relationships and our life styles have been disrupted. And it will be a while before the world, and our lives, pick up pace again. Even then we will need to unlearn a few habits from the past and train ourselves for the new realities of the world.

As soon as the socio-economic impact of the current COVID-19 pandemic started being reported across media and through our on-ground team, DC took an early response strategy across THREE intervention areas.


That included procurement, assembly and distribution of a HYGIENE KIT to 3000 families in Purnia, and Katihar districts of Bihar. These kits included soap, detergent and sanitary napkins and were handed over to village dwellers in some of the most under-developed areas of the districts.


Within the first few days we had distributed 500 N95 masks, 10000 gloves and 600 PPE kits to frontline Police personnel and healthcare workers in Delhi and Gurugram, both in close association with the authorities in each location.

As the government and health practitioners prepare to fight the long-drawn battle with Corona and work to make our social and public surroundings safer, this kit arms us with preparation we can do at our individual levels to not only keep ourselves safe, but also support the bigger battle.

Once the storm of this pandemic passes, the lessons from the kit will stand us in good stead.

Until then, stay indoors, stay safe!

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