Project Buniyaad is a Development Consortium (DC) partner project focused on uplifting marginalized communities in Delhi, particularly the Trilokpuri community. Operating within an urban slum, Buniyaad aims to improve the lives of these communities through targeted health and nutrition interventions.


The Trilokpuri community hosts a significant child population, with 692 children aged 0 to 5 years. However, 33.1% of these children are not registered, indicating gaps in healthcare access and monitoring. The POSHAN scheme has registered 66.9% of children with Anganwadi workers, but the remaining unregistered children highlight systemic challenges.

Economic challenges are prevalent, with 59.4% of families earning between approximately ₹4,000 to ₹10,000 per month. This financial strain limits access to basic necessities and opportunities for advancement, making it difficult for residents to meet their basic needs.

Goals and Objectives

Project Buniyaad aims to address critical health and nutritional concerns among girls and women of reproductive age, pregnant women, and lactating mothers. The primary objectives include:

  • Enhancing healthcare access and monitoring for children.
  • Improving economic conditions by providing essential health and nutrition education.
  • Empowering women with practical knowledge and skills to improve their family's nutritional status.

Implementation Strategies

Inspired by the "Mind Up" project from Heights and Mind Foundation (HMF), which succeeded in Asian and African countries, Project Buniyaad adopts a strategic approach for targeted interventions:

  • Workshops: A series of workshops cover cleanliness, dietary diversity, nutritious meals on a budget, balanced diet, hydration, and specialized dietary needs for pregnant and lactating women.
  • Women's Center: The renovated Women's Center, MindUp, serves as a dynamic space with dedicated areas for cooking demonstrations, private counseling, children’s play, and workshops/activities.

Workshops provide hands-on cooking demonstrations and recipes, empowering women with practical and accurate information. Key focus areas include:

  • Balanced diet during pregnancy and post-delivery.
  • Incorporating three-coloured foods for overall health.
  • Addressing blood deficiency and promoting proper nutrition for children.
  • Emphasizing the care of both mother and child.

Future Direction

Project Buniyaad aims to expand its impact with 16 nutrition workshops for 70 young girls and women aged 15-45 years. These workshops will continue to increase awareness and knowledge on key topics, including:

  • Cleanliness practices and disease prevention.
  • Dietary foods rich in essential nutrients.
  • Crafting nutritious meals on a budget.
  • Proper hydration and dietary requirements during pregnancy.
  • Post-delivery diet for postpartum recovery.
  • Inclusion of three-colored foods in the diet.
  • Addressing blood deficiency and promoting children's growth and development.
  • Ensuring optimal health outcomes for both mother and child.

The project will also focus on continuously updating its content and strategies to meet the evolving needs of the community, aiming to create sustainable and impactful change.