DC's Love Matters India is a premier bilingual digital platform for youth, dedicated to Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights (SRHR). It provides critical information to young people, helping them navigate complex topics related to sexual and reproductive health. Love Matters leverages innovative media formats to offer accurate, open, and unbiased information on love, sexual health and relationships.

Positioned at the intersection of media and public health, Love Matters utilizes technology, popular culture, and storytelling to connect young individuals with Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights (SRHR) organizations and service providers.


Established in 2011, Love Matters India has expanded its reach globally, becoming part of the Love Matters Global Network and creating specific platforms in multiple languages across several regions. This expansion reflects its commitment to addressing the diverse needs of young people in various cultural contexts. The platform's extensive reach includes significant online engagement and ground-based initiatives in rural and peri-urban areas, ensuring access to vital SRHR information.

Goals and Objectives

Love Matters India aims to:

  • Provide comprehensive and accessible SRHR information to youth.
  • EUse innovative and relatable media formats to engage and educate.
  • Foster open discussions and reduce stigma surrounding sexual health.
  • Foster open discussions and reduce stigma surrounding sexual health.

Implementation Strategy

Through a variety of digital media—including websites, social media, interactive campaigns, and multimedia content like podcasts, VR, and AR—Love Matters India reaches millions. The platform also extends its reach offline through workshops and training programs, particularly in less digitally connected areas, to ensure comprehensive coverage.

Awards and Recognition

Love Matters India has received numerous accolades, including the Award for Excellence & Innovation in Sexuality Education and recognition at the Freedom of Expression Awards. These awards underscore its innovative approach to SRHR education and its impact on freedom of speech regarding sexual health topics.

Impact and Future Direction

With over 20 million visitors and a significant social media presence, Love Matters India has made substantial strides in educating and engaging its audience. The ongoing dialogue on platforms like Facebook, WhatsApp, and YouTube fosters a broad community of informed youths who are well-equipped to discuss and manage their sexual health.

Love Matters India, implemented by Development Consortium, continues to lead as a transformative force in SRHR education, helping shape a more informed, healthy, and open society. Its comprehensive approach and wide-reaching impact highlight its role as a crucial resource for young individuals navigating the complexities of love, sex, and relationships.

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