Nazariya is a Development Consortium (DC) partner project based in Delhi, focused on queer feminist activism. The project advocates for the visibility and protection of queer women and trans persons and provides education on queer issues.


Nazariya's mission is to make LGBTQIA+ lives visible and to create a non-discriminatory environment where queer individuals can access resources and equal opportunities. The project challenges the binary understanding of gender and promotes the idea that gender is a complex construct with different norms for people assigned female and male at birth. Nazariya uses sexuality as a lens to address issues of marginalization and inclusivity in a holistic manner.

Goals and Objectives

Nazariya aims to:

  • Increase the visibility of queer women and trans persons.
  • Advocate for a non-discriminatory environment for all queer individuals.
  • Challenge the binary framework of gender.
  • Preserve the history and legacies of feminist and queer activists.
  • Provide resources and education on queer issues.

Implementation Strategies

Nazariya employs various strategies to achieve its objectives:

  • Helpline: Launched on 24th November 2015, the helpline operates from Monday to Friday, 11 am to 6 pm, offering peer counselling, both over the phone and face-to-face. The team also provides casework to help queer women and trans persons counter family and other forms of violence.
  • Historical Preservation: The "Our Lives Our Tales" talking series allows queer individuals to share their lived experiences, preserving oral history within the community. Topics have included the formation of the Delhi Queer Pride Committee and the impact of the film "Fire" on queer cinema in India.
  • Online Resources: The Nazariya website offers information on gender and name change processes, myths and facts about queer people, terminologies relating to gender and sexuality, and guidelines on reporting queer crimes. These resources are designed to be accessible and easy to understand.
  • Community Engagement: Nazariya continues to engage the queer community through discussions, activities, and the dissemination of information to ensure safer and healthier lives for queer individuals.

Future Direction

Nazariya plans to:

  • Continue advocating for the visibility and rights of queer women and trans persons.
  • Expand its educational outreach and resources to further challenge the binary understanding of gender.
  • Strengthen the preservation of queer history and the legacies of feminist and queer activists.
  • Enhance community engagement through more discussions, activities, and information sharing.
  • Ensure that queer individuals have access to the necessary resources to live safer and healthier lives.

In an era where the protection of queer communities and their legacy is often sidelined, Nazariya boldly brings these issues to the forefront, advocating for the rights and visibility of queer individuals.

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