Safehub is a Development Consortium (DC) partner project that uses play and sports to develop positive attitudes and life skills among youth. Primarily operating in Delhi NCR, the project employs innovative methods to help children grow into healthy and well-rounded individuals, using its flagship Edufootball curriculum.


Safehub's Edufootball curriculum is designed to use age-appropriate, structured play, sports, and life skills activities to foster positive attitudes among youth. In its current intervention, the project engages 150 students from three government schools in Faridabad. These students, aged 11 to 16, participate in two 90-minute sessions per week. Each session includes check-in and context setting, a life skills session, and culminates with a football session and debrief. The curriculum, known as "Go For It," focuses on building resilience, team-building, and promoting emotional well-being.

Goals and Objectives

The primary goals of Safehub are to:

  • Develop life skills and positive attitudes among youth.
  • Provide a structured and safe environment for physical and emotional growth.
  • Promote resilience, teamwork, and emotional well-being.
  • Ensure high enrollment and participation rates in government schools.

Implementation Strategies

Safehub uses several strategies to achieve its goals:

  • Edufootball Curriculum: This flagship program uses football and life skills activities tailored to the needs of the community's students. The "Go For It" curriculum aims to help students understand and celebrate themselves, build resilience, and foster teamwork.
  • Hands-on Approach: The project relies on in-person engagement and mentoring, with coaches and aides assisting students during practices.
  • Structured Play: Sessions include orientation, mutual agreements, and rule establishment to ensure fair play and learning through sports.
  • Government Collaboration: Safehub works with government stakeholders to gain approval and ensure the continuation of their programs in schools.

Future Direction

Safehub plans to expand its impact by:

  • Continuing to work with government schools to provide safe and productive environments for students.
  • Increasing student enrollment and participation in sports and life skills programs.
  • Promoting a shift in mindset among officials, schools, and teachers to recognize the value of sports in skill development.
  • Scaling the Edufootball program to reach more schools and communities.


A powerful testimonial from an 8th grader named Naman highlights the impact of Safehub: “I love playing football because I enjoy it. In the sessions, we do a lot of fun and learning activities and strength-building activities. There are a lot of learnings in these sessions; we learn about teamwork, how to work together, and we also learn new techniques to play football and better our game.”

Safehub remains committed to using sports as a medium to develop essential life skills and promote positive attitudes among youth, ensuring they grow into healthy and empowered individuals.