Unsound is a pioneering initiative in partnership with Development Consortium (DC), designed to develop feminist and rights-based leadership for the meaningful participation of persons with psychosocial disabilities in programs and policies for social justice. The project aims to address the intersection of mental health and structural disadvantages, such as racism, gender, and age, to improve mental health outcomes and reduce health inequalities for marginalized young women.


Recognizing the complexities of mental health and the compounded discrimination faced by marginalized groups, Unsound was created to offer guidance, support, and advocacy. Studies by the International Journal for Equity in Health and The Lancet highlight the critical need for multi-level approaches to tackle health inequalities and digital health's gender inequities. Unsound addresses these issues by connecting individuals to affirmative mental health professionals and fostering a supportive environment for their growth.

Goals and Objectives

The primary goal of Unsound is to build feminist leadership and enhance the meaningful participation of persons with psychosocial disabilities. Objectives include:

  • Developing rights-based leadership through intensive fellowships and training.
  • Enhancing understanding of intersectional feminism in mental health.
  • Reducing stigma and challenging negative perspectives through public engagement and awareness campaigns.
  • Connecting individuals with affirmative mental health professionals and resources.

Implementation Strategy

Unsound employs a holistic approach to mental health advocacy, utilizing:

  • Public Engagement: Conducting workshops, talks, conferences, festivals, and online strategies to engage with the public and create awareness.
  • Fellowships: Offering the Unsound Fellowship, a nine-month intensive engagement program that recruits persons living with psychosocial disabilities, neurodivergence, and marginalities of gender, sexuality, and caste. Fellows engage in capacity-building training to develop and lead initiatives.
  • Social Media Platforms: Utilizing platforms like Instagram to share updates, findings, and creative content. The #ShutTheF**kUp conversation series explores important topics such as support in times of crisis with experts in feminism, mental health, and social work.

Impact and Achievements

Since its inception, Unsound has:

  • Engaged with over 40 fellows across two cohorts, many of whom have created and implemented their own mental health initiatives.
  • Developed a unique social media presence that uses illustrations and creativity to share information in an engaging way.
  • Initiated the #ShutTheF**kUp conversation series, fostering offline discussions on sensitive topics with grace and nuance.
  • Addressed critical topics such as intersectionality in mental health, savior complexes, and the impact of dependency on relationships through innovative methods like phototherapy.

Future Plans

Unsound aims to expand its reach and deepen its impact by:

  • Continuously updating its content and strategies to meet the evolving needs of its beneficiaries.
  • Offering specialized training and workshops to further develop competencies in feminist and intersectional mental health advocacy.
  • Increasing the network of contributors and experts to enhance the quality and diversity of its programs.
  • Fostering a safer, more inclusive environment for individuals to engage and cross-learn through capacity-building initiatives.

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