Sonam Kumari Nourishing India's Future

Sunita Kumari, a teenager from Sursa block in Uttar Pradesh, was diagnosed with severe anaemia during a school health camp organized by DC's Sampushti project. With a haemoglobin level of just 4 mg/dL, Sunita urgently needed medical attention and nutritional guidance.

Sonam Kumari, a dedicated Sampushti Saathi (DC nutrition officer), stepped in to help. She visited Sunita's home to understand her situation and discovered that the root of Sunita's health issues was poor nutrition due to her family's economic constraints. Sonam built a rapport with Sunita and her family, offering practical advice on dietary changes and encouraging Sunita to take iron folic acid tablets and Moringa capsules to improve her haemoglobin levels.

Sonam's personalized approach included educating the family on affordable, nutritious food options and the importance of a balanced diet. She also provided regular follow-ups to ensure Sunita was adhering to the recommended dietary and supplement regimen. This consistent support and encouragement were crucial in helping Sunita make lasting changes to her eating habits.
With Sonam's guidance and the DC team's continuous support, Sunita's health improved significantly. Her haemoglobin count rose to 12 mg/dL, reflecting a substantial improvement in her overall health and energy levels. This transformation allowed Sunita to participate more actively in school and daily activities, contributing to her overall well-being and future prospects.

Sonam believes that counseling and education are key to enhancing health and nutrition, especially among adolescents. She is proud of the positive impact she has made on Sunita's life and continues to work tirelessly to improve the health of other children in her community.

Sonam's story highlights the importance of dedicated support and practical solutions in addressing severe health issues like anemia. It underscores the vital role of nutrition education and counseling in empowering individuals and families to make healthier choices, thereby nourishing the future of India.