The internship program at Development Consortium (DC) is designed to provide aspiring change-makers with hands-on experience and a deep understanding of the non-profit sector. As an intern with DC, you will work on impactful projects, gain practical skills, and contribute to initiatives that promote sustainable development in communities across India.

You will have the opportunity to collaborate with experienced professionals, participate in workshops and training sessions, and immerse yourself in the dynamic and rewarding environment of a leading NGO.

Whether you are a student or a recent graduate, our internships offer a unique platform to develop your career while making a meaningful difference.To apply, send your CV and a cover letter to

Explore our programs to discover the various domains in which you can intern with us. 

We offer both paid internships and pro bono volunteering opportunities to provide opportunities for everyone passionate about making a difference.

You can also check on them on the latest openings via our  LinkedIn page.