About DC

Development Consortium (DC) is a non-profit organization (registered in India), dedicated to working with young people and vulnerable communities across India - empowering them to overcome health, education and rights, abuse & injustice issues. At the very core of our existence is the belief that a better future for humanity depends on our capacity to harness change. It is the building of this capacity that is at the heart of our working model.

We support implementation of global development programs in India and help develop organizational capacities of early-stage Indian NGOs / organisations to maximize their potential. Through each of these, we enable our stakeholders to facilitate actionable and sustainable behavioural change.

The shared vision of our leadership team also revolves around complete transparency and scrupulous accountability. This has been the galvanising force behind the trust imposed upon us by some of the largest and most reputed projects and funding partners from across the world.

Why DC?

As a reputed and leading strategic partner, Development Consortium actively enables and stimulates the process of social change by forming powerful partnerships across all stakeholders in the philanthropic ecosystem. Staying true to our vision of creating and being part of a world where every change is an opportunity, DC aims to achieve the same by following through with our missions. We aim to facilitate successful implementation of global development programs and projects by building organizational capacities to maximize their potential to deliver as well as influence behaviour of every stakeholder. Our passion, people, and processes come together as the biggest enabler of the change being sought – both for the people who need it as well as the change-makers.

Facilitators of Change

Over the last decade and a half, DC has consistently demonstrated the ability to support and implement major global programs in India by acting as a catalyst in India’s vibrant development sector and driving collaborative action towards sustainable accelerated social change. We strongly believe that supporting non-profits in their growth path will improve their efficiency and increase their impact on the vulnerable lives they seek to serve.

Behaviour Change as a Catalyst to Sustainable Development

DC firmly believes that influencing behaviour change is critical to the success of an impactful program. Many programs run into cultural traditions and taboos that result in constituents resisting an initiative that might dramatically improve their lives. In many cases, the solution is a matter of sequencing, where opening constituents’ minds to a program’s promise precedes efforts to execute the program itself. At the core of most of our intervention designs is a process to encourage beneficial behaviour change, without taking the paternalistic approach of imposing the change on constituents. These could be a mix of approaches such as engaging constituents directly, by enlisting local, trusted peers to investigate cultural norms and elicit change from within the community; or to impact constituents indirectly, by incentivising critical collaborators to change their behaviours. The work DC does on empowerment is accompanied by collective action and broader engagement with the community. To help bring about behavioural change and build skills, young people are provided with extensive trainings and opportunities in smaller groups to engage in critical thinking and dialogues among themselves and with other stakeholders in the community. This approach is linked to Positive Youth Development (PYD) programs that promote Adolescent Sexual and Reproductive Health (ASRH).



DC has been awarded the prestigious GuideStar India Transparency Key award for 2020 and have joined India’s largest pool of credible NGOs after undergoing a rigorous due diligence process. GuideStar India is India’s largest and most reliable online information repository with 9000 NGOs. GuideStar India’s Transparency Key is the Foundation Level certification indicating that the organisation has filed annual income tax returns as a tax-exempt entity and has shared the same in the public domain. To view our profile at GuideStar India, please visit: