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What we do

Sustainable development by improving access to health, education and essential services.

Why we exist

A better future for humanity depends on our capacity to harness change.

As a reputed and leading strategic partner, Development Consortium actively enables and stimulates the process of social change by forming powerful partnerships across all stakeholders in the philanthropic ecosystem. Staying true to our vision of creating and being part of a world where every change is an opportunity, DC aims to achieve the same by following through with our missions. We aim to facilitate the successful implementation of global development programs and projects by building organisational capacities to maximise their potential to deliver and influence every stakeholder's behaviour. Our passion, people, and processes come together as the biggest enablers of the change being sought – both for the people who need it as well as the change-makers.

Our Vision

A world with quality education, good health, equal opportunities and a sustainable environment for all.

The Mission

We drive change aimed at improving access to quality education, good health, sustainable environment, and equity.
About i

Success Stories Stories of the people we helped through your support

Nisha Kumari Gupta

Nisha Kumari Gupta

Janipur, Patna (Bihar)

Nisha is a young social worker from Janipur, Patna (Bihar). Her father passed away a few years ago, and her mother is an ASHA worker, working hard to facilitate both daughters' education.
Sugandh Kumari

Sugandh Kumari


Sugandh Kumari from Bihar is the first techie from her family. Her parents work as house help and daily wage contractors in Gurgaon but are trying their best to educate their two daughters.
Annu Kumari

Annu Kumari


For Annu Kumari, the scholarship provided the financial support her family would not have otherwise procured. A. Kumari’s father is a driver, and her mother is a housewife.

Our Programmes

People Behind

Love Matters


Love Matters

Anamika Srivastava

General Secretary and Founder & CEO
Love Matters

Anshuman Prasad

Treasurer and Associate Director - Finance & Operations
Love Matters

Arti Shukla

Vice-President & Director - Strategy