Fortify Health

Who are we?

Fortify Health is an iron, folic acid and vitamin B12 fortification initiative, founded on the principles of Effective Altruism, funded by a GiveWell Incubation Grant. We are contributing to ongoing efforts to expand fortification of wheat flour - also known as atta - across India, focusing primarily on Maharashtra and West Bengal. Our aim is to reduce the incidence of iron deficiency anaemia and neural tube defects by supporting centralized mills and government programs at scale to cost neutrally fortify atta.

What is our strategy?

Open Market

We work with atta millers who sell atta in the open market to help them cost neutrally adopt wheat flour fortification, as per FSSAI standards, by providing them with equipment, high quality premix to fortify their atta. We also ensure that the fortified atta adhere to the FSSAI standards through regular monitoring and quality control. In addition we build their technical capacity for fortification.


We constantly engage with the government at various levels to support them in mainstreaming fortification in the various government programs like providing fortified atta instead of atta in school meals.

Our journey so far

We are currently working in the states of Maharashtra and West Bengal for differing reasons. In Maharashtra the per capita consumption of atta per day is around 127 g, which is much above the level recommended by WHO for effective fortification. In addition, around 30% of atta consumed in the state comes from centralized mills. In West Bengal, while the per capita consumption of atta per day is lower at 49 g, about 97% of atta consumed in the state comes from centralized mills.

We have started reaching out to mills from January 2019 and till date we have two mills in Maharashtra partnering with us. We are also in various stages of conversation with eight additional mills in Maharashtra and West Bengal for a partnership.

We are in conversations with government authorities in both these states. In Maharashtra we have submitted a proposal to include fortified wheat flour in the regular meals of ashram schools under the tribal development department. In West Bengal, we have submitted a proposal to conduct a diagnostic study of the wheat flour fortification implemented in the PDS of that state. This study will help us identify if there are any gaps in adequately fortifying atta supplied through the PDS system and we hope to work with the government to plug gaps, if any.

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