About the Collective

The Unsound Project aims to develop a feminist and rights-based leadership for the meaningful participation of persons with psychosocial disabilities in programmes, and policies for social justice.

The collective publicly engages with people via workshops, talks, conferences, festivals, along with various other online strategies. Additionally, we attempt to connect people to a pool of affirmative mental health professionals and resources.

Unsound Fellowship

The Unsound Project fellowship is a nine-month intensive engagement on the issues of mental health from a psycho-social, intersectional feminist perspective.

We aim to build the feminist leadership of users of mental health services through a rights based approach for meaningful participation in policies and programmes.

As a part of the fellowship, we recruit persons living with psychosocial disabilities, neurodivergence, marginalities of gender-sexuality and caste, to engage within their capacity in spaces of their choice to generate dialogue, create awareness and work towards challenging negative perspectives, stereotypes and stigma that surround mental health today. Through this programme, we envision the creation of a safer, secure space for individuals to engage and cross learn through engagement in capacity building trainings to develop and lead initiatives.

Over a period of three years, from 2019 to 2022, we have had an enriching experience engaging with 40+ fellows over two cohorts, wherein numerous fellows have gone forward to create and implement their own mental health initiatives.